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Helmholtz AI

Its main goal is to become a driver for applied artificial intelligence (AI) through the development and distribution of AI methods across all Helmholtz centres …

News – Helmholtz AI


Theis Lab has teamed up with Facebook AI to develop a new and efficient way for drug discovery of complex diseases. 16.04.2021. Helmholtz AI virtual conference …

Project call 2022 – Helmholtz AI

Project call 2022

At the core of the Helmholtz AI mission is fostering cross-field creativity by stimulating collaborative research projects in applied machine learning (ML)

News – Helmholtz AI


15.10.2021 — Working with Facebook AI, the team from Fabian Theis’s lab introduces a new AI-based method that will help accelerate discovery of effective new …

Research groups – Helmholtz AI

Research groups

Helmholtz AI senior investigator groups addressing interdisciplinary aspects of AI relevant to the Helmholtz Association · Helmholtz AI young investigator groups …

Funding lines – Helmholtz AI

Funding lines

HELMHOLTZ AI PROJECTS (ANNUAL CALL) … One essential component of our model is to initiate cross-cutting research collaborations and identify forward-looking …

Video gallery – Helmholtz AI

Video gallery

#HelmholtzAIcon. With over 600 participants, the first Helmholtz AI virtual conference 2021 was the ideal opportunity to learn about the platform and its …

Helmholtz AI boards

Steering board · Scientific advisory committee …

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